The Special Cause 20907/2017, known as the Trial to the process or more colloquially as Farce Trial, will soon be ready for judgment. Here are the prosecutor's final allegations.

20 sentences of the prosecution, the state attorney and Vox Party (private prosecution) on their final pleas.


  1. There are no political prisoners, they are not political prisoners. A political prisoner is a jailed or arrested individual because of his/her ideas pose a challange to the established political system.

  2. The trial has nothing to do with the criminalization of political disidence. Political ideas are not prosecuted (…). There was an intention to liquidate the Constitution, using violence if deemed necessary.

  3. The only violation of civil rights that is happening now in Catalonia, is that being suffered by those defending the (Spanish) Constitution.

  4. Mr. Junqueras’ monologue was an exercise of unprecedented cynicism.

  5. What happened in Catalona between march 2015 and october 2017 is a coup d’etat. It was a coup d’etat (…) . What was sought after was the substitution of one legal order by another, by illegal means.

  6. The (Spanish Constitution’s) article155 is not applied because of a simple act or crime against public order. It, therefore, shows that what happened was an attack on the constitutional order. Thus it cannot be sedition.

  7. The violent character of the uprising doesn’t mean that serious or armed violence is needed.

  8. Mr. Junqueras is considered the driving force behind the rebellion.

  9. The Mossos facilitated the celebration of the referendum simulating that they complied with the court’s ruling, but in practice they allowed it because they agreed on avoiding using the force. The Mossos plan was a hoax.

  10. Violence over things cannot be denied. And there was also physical violence because there are 93 injured (Spanish) agents.
  11. Mrs. Forcadell was the authentic bastion so that the Parliament could approve things to support the referendum, despite the (Spanish) Constitutional Court ruling’s againts these.

  12. This is how criminal organizations act and it’s easier for them to do so when occupying the highest responsabilities in an Autonomous Region.

  13. Even if TV3 (catalan public tv) would have shown the advert for free (which is not the case), there are still expenses incurred on that are paid by all taxpayers.

  14. Authors are those who publically and violently rise up with the intention to derogate, modify or replace the Constitution, or to declare the independence of a part of the country. It cannot be stated any clearer.

  15. They are responsible for all the violence. Both, that suffered by civilians placed as human shields, as well as, that suffered by agents trying to enforce the court rulings.

    1. Civil mobilisation followed to the letter the instructions of Sánchez and Cuixart.

    2. There was a political decision of all members of the (Catalan) Government.

      1. With the disconnection laws they created an apparent legality, and with a referendum they tried to legitimate the disconnection process by a supposed popular will.

      2. The greatest embezzlement is the usage of the very structure of Generalitat of Catalonia.

      3. The thousands of documents, graphics material, witnesses, recordings, telephone interventions, mail, are not random, but the result of the professionality, work, loyalty and courage of people who sadly today are no longer among us.
      4. Original source ( – 2016/06/04)


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