Is Spain a Fascist State?

Could you imagine in Germany a monumental ensemble in homage to Nazism and exalting and worshiping the figure of Adolf Hitler?

Could you imagine an Adolf Hitler Foundation dedicated to praising the greatness of its figure?

Can you imagine a Foundation in Germany aimed at praising fascism?

  • One such “Jose Antonio Foundation” exists in Spain. José Antonio Primo de Rivera founded the Spanish Falange (FE) in 1933, a Spanish political party of fascist ideology. This foundation considers his figure as “entirely valid, not as reference to the past, but as a model for the twenty-first century”.

Could you imagine that in Germany every year a mass was celebrated to honor Adolf Hitler?

  • Every year, a Mass is celebrated in the Sant Francis of Borja parish to honor Franco and other Francoists.

Could you imagine that trials against Hitler’s enemies in Nazi Germany being still valid today?

  • As of today, Spain has not yet nullified the Francoist trials. At the request of the Catalan parties on 11/2017 it was accepted to modify the law of historical memory so that they could be nullified. Recall that the dictator died in 1975.

Could you imagine members of the German government paying tribute to the Nazi soldiers?

Can you imagine a Baroness of Hitler?

Can you imagine that the German government condecoring and protecting Nazi criminals?

  •  On June, 2017, king Felipe VI awarded a medal to Rodolfo Martín Villa, former Francoist Minister of Interior between 1976 and 1979, to commemorate the 1977 first Spanish Congress elected in democracy after Franco’s passing. Acting as Minister of Interior, M. Villa was responsible for the 1976 massacre that took place in Vitoria, Basque Country, when the Francoist security forces opened fire on a group of workers in strike causing the death of five people and injuring over a hundred. Due to these events and as a piece of a general process against the Franco dictatorship, the Judge Mari Servini of Argentina, has issued an international arrest warrant against him, charging him with crimes against humanity during his time as Minister of Interior.
    While he was Minister of the Interior, Martín Villa also awarded the Police Medal of Merit to Antonio González Pacheco, known as ‘Billy el Niño‘ (2) (3), the infamous police officer accused of torture during the Franco dictatorship.

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33 thoughts on “SPAIN… FASCIST STATE?

  1. Sería bueno divulgar estas noticias fuera de españa,nosotros no sabemos si saben todas las salvajadas judiciales y policiales que se producen en españa. Pero vaya Europa,creo que los tribunales y fiscalia europea debe hacer algo,o los ciudadanos españoles no son europeos

    1. Este mismo contenido está disponible en ESPAÑOL, INGLÉS y ALEMÁN, para ayudar a su difusión en diferentes paises del mundo.
      Cualquier ayuda en su difusión siempre será bienvenida y agradecida.
      ¡Gracias por tu aportación!

      1. Surely your article does not state that, but just look at the goose-stepping Russians, Chinese and marching soldiers of other communist nations. National Socialism and communism are Siamese twins. The ideology of both was anti-capitalist and both supported national traditions and welfare for everybody (except enemies, of course). That’s why Hitler and Stalin had a good relationship, in the beginning at least.. until he found out by spy activity that Stalin was going to attack him as he was in need of the petroleum fields in Romania which were under control of Hitler. Then he decided to carry out a preventive strike… and to his surprise, innocent Stalin had 35,000 (!) tanks ready for attack. An insane amount. Listen to the secretly recorded talk between Hitler and Finnish general Mannerheim.

        Communism is socialism with a national focus as well, just colour and symbolism changes. The commies haven’t been any better. Look up the death toll Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot claimed, just to have an idea… including their own people suffered while the dictators lived a luxury life.
        Now considering that Stalin was the one who supported the Republican faction in the Spanish civil war.. He was such a good guy, wasn’t he? Not at bloodthirsty criminal, of course not..
        I tell you something, there is neither good nor bad in this freaky game!

        Let’s not forget that by the end of the day, both political movements got established and financed by the same filthy German-Jewish American bankers such as Rothschild, Rockefeller and Warburg in order to destabilise and destroy the developed societies of goyim nations. All happened and is still happening according to the ancient war strategy ‘divide & conquer’.
        Now these hypocritical self-proclaimed “God’s chosen people” (doesn’t it sound like master race?) got what they always wanted – their “promised” land, Israel.
        The only good ones are ex-Zionists like Benjamin Freedman who held an important speech in 1962.

        Quoting the Italian writer Ennio Flaiano: “In Italy, fascists divide themselves into two categories: fascists and antifascists.”
        (Be sure, NOT only in Italy..)

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  5. The corpses buried in `The Valley of the Fallen´, are from nationalist soldiers, and, to a bigger extent, from republic combatants. As a matter of fact, the monument, although it was built through hard labour from republican prisoners, only about 20 people died as a result of their participation on the construction. Please, quit divulging false information about facts from the past, intending to provoke conflict, and undervaluing the actual democratic state in Spain, which is one of the most efficient, and real ones in the world.

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