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Saturday, 12th May 2018

Today, the candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Mr. Torra, has offered the Catalans a ‘frentista’ speech, an old-fashioned speech, and a speech far-removed from the grand majority of moderate, constructive Catalans who want a president for the here and now, and for the future of Catalonia.

  • Mr. Torra has not presented himself as the president that the Catalans need and deserve.  He has given up on governing for them all and connecting with what the society demands right now.
  • Catalan society deserves to return to calm and normality, and overcome the social divide in which the candidates words seep into.   Yet again, he has set out a sectarian and divisery speech, abandoning the opportunity to govern for the whole of Catalan society and stoking the tensions that have caused so much damage to Catalonia, its social cohesion and its economic development.
  • The terms and conditions that have been proposed and the speech that has been presented showed a complete lack of respect to the institutions of Catalonia, to the Parliament where he is a deputy, and to the Generalitat where he hopes to preside over.  In the face of our values and democratic way of life, his candidature and his words are confirmation of a kind of Caesarism, uncompatible with the 21st century, that depends on the personal interests of an individual, the general interest of all citizens.  Despotic and discriminatry is he who shuns the common good for his political needs and his personal whims.
  • Moreover, it is worth remembering that the group through which his speech was delivered did not win the elections, nor did those who intend to vote for him, they represent the majority of the Catalan people.  At the very least, he should have had the humility to not speak in there name.
  • He words demonstrated that the scarce willingness and ability of acheiving dialogue with groups that deny the voice of Catalans as a whole and the understanding with rest of the Spanish people.  He has demonstrated that he has no interest in building a dialogue with his own Parliament, with wider society, and with anyone who does not submit themselves to his plans.
  • The same democracy that allows anyone to use the freedom of expression in defense of their ideas, is one that prevents these ideas from being imposed to commit illegal acts.
  • The Spanish people know that since the unity of whom we appreciate and respect our constitutional values, we have adopted so many necessary measures to preserve our coexistence.  Neither the forewarned constituent process, nor the proclaimed independence amounted to anything, and their instigators acheived nothing more than having to come to terms with the consequences of their actions.  The independence parties know that they have no chance of acheiving there secessionist goals.
  • Faced with the candidate’s words and in defence of the legality of Catalonia, of the rights of all Catalans and with the Spanish people as a whole, this Government will be very watchful of the prospective president and his Government.  Any illegallity will be redressed and any weakening of our constitutional framework will be met with a response.

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